Crying at the Post Office

Postage Stamp


A couple of days ago, I went to the post office to mail a package.

There was a L-O-N-G…L-O-N-G line.

A woman joined me at the end of the line and asked the young woman in front of me if we would hold her spot in line while she ran to Kroger to get an item.  She promised she’d return before we got to the front of the line.

Shortly afterwards, she returned and she and the young woman in front of me began conversing.  This “Kroger woman” was wonderful.  She engaged the young woman in terrific conversation.  She had brought her a snack from the Kroger deli.

Within minutes, she learned that the young woman was looking for work, had geriatric experience, and was available to help the “Kroger woman” with issues related to her mother.  I enjoyed listening to them exchange emails, addresses, etc.

Then I looked on my iPhone at Elizabeth’s debut blog (search for adverturouslyauthentic on WordPress—You can also look at my list of BLOGS I FOLLOW.)

While standing in line at the post office, I began to cry.  (Yes, I did!)

The “Kroger woman” turned and asked me:  “Are you having a particularly tough day, sir?”

I told her that I was not but that I was just simply moved by my daughter’s writing in her blog.

We talked all the way to the counter.  She asked if I’d send her the link to Elizabeth’s blog.  Then she walked me all the way to my car where she told me about the “Ladder of Charity” that was a part of her Jewish beliefs.

It was an absolutely wonderful and spontaneous encounter.

Meeting and conversing with her…was terrific.  But Elizabeth’s writing (in her debut blog and again today) brought the tears.

I’d suggest following her blog if you want to have some adventure and explore being authentic.

It may make you cry.

Thanks, Elizabeth!


3 thoughts on “Crying at the Post Office

  1. So good to hear about kindness! I would have cried too!
    I had some kindness yesterday: 3 friends took me to lunch to celebrate my husband’s 82nd birthday! This could have been a sad day, but my dear friends made sure it was a happy day!

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