I Swam a Mile This Morning!!!

I'm showing my brother, Mark, a terrapin at a Boy Scout jamboree.

I’m showing my brother, Mark, a terrapin at a Boy Scout jamboree.

When I was an elementary-aged boy, my grandmother would frequently drive my brothers and me to “the farm.”  It was about 15 miles outside our town of Desloge, MO.  Often on the trip we would stop to pick up a terrapin that was crossing the road.  We’d take it home and play with it before letting it go in the yard.  The terrapins helped me gain my nature merit badges in Boy Scouts.

Mile Swim Badge

Mile Swim Badge

Though I gained the nature badges, the badge I really wanted, I never got.  It was the badge for swimming a mile.

Years ago…when Lynda and I went together in the afternoons to LA Fitness, I swam a mile one time.

Today, after 15 minutes in the pool, I felt good and thought about a mile as my goal for the day.  I continued to feel well and when I got to my normal length (1,500 yards), I decided to swim an additional 300 yards.  I did—swimming 1,800 yards.  I passed up the mile at 1,760.

With my good medical reports last week and my better eating and exercise plan, I’m feeling very good.

Tomorrow’s Video Shoot

Tomorrow, my friend, Wayne Grinstead, is bringing over to my condo two colleagues.  They are going to shoot a video segment for their work—-and use my newly renovated first floor as the set.  Will try to send photos and tell you about that by Saturday.

Thanks for all your encouragement, thoughts, and prayers.


8 thoughts on “I Swam a Mile This Morning!!!

  1. Awesome on your mile swim!!! James and Jackson are both in Scouts. James has completed his Eagle project and just needs to complete a few more merit badges and will acquire his Eagle rank! He is also a Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow!

  2. It makes me so happy to know you are doing well and enjoying life. Proud of you for moving forward and embracing life! Blessings!

  3. Wow! I’m impressed. At this point, I only seem to manage one lap in the bathtub! You should be so proud. Looking forward to pictures from the “shoot” tomorrow.

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