A Day with David Fulk

When my family and I started talking about me coming to Kansas City for a month, my brother-in-law, David Fulk, immediately said, “Well I’ll take a day off of work and we can spend it together!”  Pretty nice, right.

So my “David Day” was yesterday…pi day (3.14).

We had a wonderful time.  Here’s what we did.

David Fulk Outside Cascone's Grill

David Fulk Outside Cascone’s Grill

We started at his house at 8:20 and drove to the Farmer’s Market of Kansas City near the Missouri River.  There’s  a grill that’s been there “forever”—Cascone’s.  We enjoyed a traditional grill-type breakfast and visited a lot.

Next we went to his office at the Truman Medical Hospital where I met “David’s girls.”  These women work with him, knew all about me and my journey, had talked about Lynda and me for months…so they wanted to meet me.  The brief visit was very nice and it was good to meet the crew in the hospital’s fund raising office.

Wally at the Liberty Memorial Tower and WWI Museum

Wally at the Liberty Memorial Tower and WWI Museum

Then we went to the World War I museum.  The tall tower was built in Kansas City from 1922-1926 to honor those lost in the war.  Then a few years ago, they built a FIRST CLASS museum underground around the foundation of the Liberty Tower.  The architecture and the archived material displayed grabbed my attention.  They had excellent media supporting the displays.  I learned a whole bunch but it was almost overwhelming.  David had been there before and is a presidential history buff so it was enjoyable to talk with him about president Woodrow Wilson.

Wally Photographing Kansas City

Wally Photographing Kansas City

When we left the museum, we rode an elevator and climbed steps to the top of the Liberty Tower.

Kansas City from Top of Liberty Tower

Kansas City from Top of Liberty Tower

Walking out on top provided a memorable view of Kansas City.  It was a gorgeous day (though a bit windy).  We stayed there some time looking out from all 360 degrees as we walked around the top of the tower.

The Sphinxes

The Sphinxes

As we left, I photographed the two sphinxes guarding the Tower and the Museum.  Each sphinx has it’s face covered with it’s wings.  One faces East and it’s eyes are shielded because of the memory of the War and the PAST.  The one facing West also has it’s eyes shielded from the view of the FUTURE.  Good symbolism and beautiful execution at this special place.  Congress named the museum THE national WWI museum a few years ago.  Kansas City was (and should be) proud.

We left the museum area and drove to the north end of town to the Missouri River.  I always marvel at my trips from Atlanta to Kansas City where I cross America’s three BIG rivers…the Ohio, the Mississippi, and the Missouri.  In a small park where the Missouri passes Kansas City and turns north toward St. Joseph, Missouri (and to South Dakota and points further) there is a small park where a statue memorializes the explorers in Lewis and Clark’s team.

Lewis, Clark, and Sacaguwea

Lewis, Clark, and Sacaguwea

The statue includes both Meriweather Lewis, William Clark, Sacagawea, Clark’s slave (York) and Clark’s dog (Seaman).  I’ve recently viewed the Ken Burns movie about the Journey of the Corps of Discovery and my admiration of the men (they only lost one person—due to appendicitis—on their trip to the Pacific Ocean and back) and of President Thomas Jefferson, who sent the explorers, has grown.

Since it was about lunch time, we joined all the fans from Iowa State University (here for the Big 12 Basketball Tournament) at Jack’s Stack Barbecue.  I’d eaten there a couple of times and David and I enjoyed our meals very much.

Home of Artist Thomas Hart Benton

Home of Artist Thomas Hart Benton

Before leaving Kansas City proper, we went to the home of artist, Thomas Hart Benton, and took a tour.  He is revered in Missouri and his art is prominent at the state capitol and other important spots throughout the state.

Returning north toward Liberty, Missouri, we joined Elizabeth and our friend, Bill Riggs, and all went to a fish fry at St. James Catholic church.  I met other friends of family members, had dinner, and enjoyed the discussion greatly.

David…it was quite a memorable day.  I’m very grateful.


5 thoughts on “A Day with David Fulk

  1. It was a great day, Wally. Loved being with you. Wally failed to mention that we’ve already planned another day for his next KC trip…Steam Boat Arabia, Truman Library and Home. We may need more than a day! Looking forward to whenever that is.

    David Day

  2. What an interesting day! I would love to take that tour! If you keep up this pace, you may be too tired to drive back to Georgia!

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