Happy Birthday, Lynda!

Today would have been Lynda’s 65th birthday.  Together we were signing up for Medicare when she died on December 12, 2013.

So to honor her memory and to give me some form of relief with this being her first birthday that I experience without her, I invited ten of her friends over to the condo yesterday afternoon to tell Lynda stories.

We had a fine time together.  Each person brought a package of children’s socks or underwear (which we will give to Threads—-the children’s clothing ministry at our church— in Lynda’s honor).  And a friend and I videotaped the event so we could remember the comments about Lynda.

Here are three short examples of the kinds of things these women were telling about Lynda.  I hope to complete a video featuring all ten guests.  When I do, I’ll share a free link where you can see it.

Amy Taylor, Kindergarten Teacher, Pleasantdale Elementary

Monique Cade-Etheridge, Lynda’s Primary Visiting Angel

Dianne Lux, Taught with Lynda, Idlewood Elementary

Happy Birthday, Lynda!


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Lynda!

  1. We,too, thought about Lynda on her birthday. Our story was the time you and Steve played 50+ games of tennis. I was aggravated but Lynda said, “Boys will be boys! Let’s go sew!” What a girl and friend!

  2. Wally, what a creative, thoughtful response to grief – to honor Lynda in this way on her birthday. So many people love and care about you both because we have experienced your gracious hospitality. – Judy

  3. I, too, thought about Lynda and you, Wally, on her birthday. I asked my Sunday School Class to pray for you. What a great idea, Wally, to be proactive and share memories with friends who knew and appreciated Lynda.

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